In Kennel Training

If you are looking for quick results, but want us to do all the hard work, then In-Kennel Training is for you. Some people don’t have the time, patience, or skills to train their own dog. In this program, we lay a solid foundation for your dog. Your dog will stay with us at Paw Palace for at least 5 days (M-F). During his or her stay, your dog
will have regularly scheduled private lessons one on one with our trainer. We will work on basic obedience, or specific problems, per the owners’ request. When you come pick up your dog, you will have a 35-minute private session with our trainer. During this time, he will go over with you what your dog has learned and provide you with the tools to continue at home. This is to ensure a smooth transition back home. One week after, you will return for a 35 minute follow up session, to work on any lingering issues.