Paw Palace obedience Program

The Paw Palace obedience training program is recommended for all canines that are family Dogs. This form of training is designed to help your dogs develop positive behavior, basic and communication skills.

Dog experts across the country advocate obedience training which starts very early in a dog’s life. In fact, it’s definitely best to sign your adorable dog up for this type of training when he or she is a puppy. However, dogs of all ages will benefit from Paw Palace’s obedience dog training.

Our dog obedience school features classes which are categorized by age and skill level, so as to give canines the specialized, age-appropriate lessons that they need. Some classes focus on helping dogs to master the fundamentals of obedience, while others offer advanced training which leads to the mastery of more complex behaviors.

Instructors will be patient, caring and devoted to helping canines learn in a kind and supportive environment.

In order for the success of these lessons to continue, it is important that the owner takes what was learned home with them and continues the obedience training.