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Dog Boarding

Paw Palace’s trusted dog boarding service helps dog owners to ensure that their beloved pooches are well-cared for while dog owners are away on holidays, on business trips or for any other reason. Our dog boarding services include an impressive facility and dedicated and caring staff members who provide canines with the love, food, exercise and socialization that they need in order to be happy and healthy.

Day Care

All doggie day care centers are not the same. Therefore, it’s important to know what you want before you begin the process of comparison-shopping for a reputable provider company. For example, if you wish to access typical “day care” services for your Dog, you’ll find that most conventional doggie day care facilities do provide the kind of care that you’re looking for, such as socialization, food, water and comfortable, stimulating environments. ‘This is what our team loves and strives to do.


The Paw Palace dog grooming provides a full-service range of appealing and practical procedures. For example, our doggie day spa and salon offers dog shampooing, dog blow-drying, nail trimming and a range of other pampering treatments, all of which are designed to highlight the beauty of your dog’s coat, while benefiting his or her general hygiene.


The Paw Palace obedience training program is recommended for all canines that are family Dogs. This form of training is designed to help your dogs develop positive behavior, basic and communication skills.